The perfect storm. You know it is coming. You feel it under your skin, you see it with your eyes, and you hear its’ frightening sounds.  How to prepare yourself for this perfect storm? As a perfectionist, type A, and OCD type of person I would like to be perfectly prepared for it. I would like to know every counter remedy for each of the chemo side effects, know what food and supplement is going to soothe my angel’s pains and ease her sorrows, and know what words to use to calm her fears. Oh, how unprepared I feel for this storm that is coming in exactly three days from now…I wish I had more time. I am wrapping up my work and making time to just research and get to know this perfect storm inside and out, but it is coming before I am able to even grab my essentials and get to the shelter. I feel like it is overwhelming me with its’ power and swallowing me with its’ size. I am trying to catch my breath and stay ahead of it. I am really doing my very best, but it feels like it is catching up to me and its’ shadow hovering over my head like a dark cloud just ready to release the mighty thunder.  And then I realize that I am not alone. I have you, my friends, family, and community and I will need you to survive. I have learned over the years that even though I tend to get done a lot alone, I need to ask for help when I feel alone and overwhelmed. So here it goes: I imagine having an army behind me helping me fight the perfect storm. If you are up for it please leave a comment with the special forces group that you would like to join and THANK YOU.

ANGELS: moral, emotional, and spiritual support

FOODIES: nutrition, cooking, recipes, supplements, grocery shopping

CLOWNS: fun, entertainment, decorations, positivity, music, laughter (for Bianka mainly but for us too:-)

KALIE FANS: play dates, driving to places, picking up and dropping off from day care, love, fun, and attention for our #2

PHOTOGRAPHERS: taking pics and capturing this perfect storm, telling the story through pictures

ON CALLERS: 24/7, what ever needed, when ever needed, errands, last minute requests

I am scared, but I am still picturing my beautiful bride on her wedding day almost every day. I see her happy smiling face and I know she will be all right. She will survive. She will live. She will get married. She will love. She will be healthy. She will remain a cancer survivor.